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Dinesh Dhamija MEP

Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament for London

Dinesh Dhamija MEP took office on July 2nd 2019 to represent Londoners’ views in Europe as a Liberal Democrat MEP. He sits on the Internal Markets and Consumer Protection Committee and is a substitute member of the Budgets Committee.

Recently he was elected as Chair of the Indian Delegation to the EU.

In these roles he works to smooth trading links across the different EU members. In particular Dinesh is focussed on pushing for harmony for the services sector so they can operate across the EU market of 512 million people. In his role on the budget committee his mission is to use his business background to ensure money is not wasted

Being of BAME descent and as a first-generation immigrant from India, Dinesh is passionate about rights for immigrants as well as tackling climate change and promoting entrepreneurship.

…Passionate about our Liberal values.

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Chair of the European Parliament Indian delegation and members of the European Parliament committees on internal markets, and budgets.

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